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Game Plan Pinball SchematicGame Plan Pinball Repair

Repairing Game Plan pinball machines, as with all pinball machines, can be a little tricky. You do have to have expertise and patience to work on circuit boards.

Game Plan Pinball Manuals & Schematics
If you want to repair the electrical boards, or actually, if you are doing any repair work at all on your machine, get a parts catalog and a set of schematics! They are vital to saving time, and repairing a machine properly. Our Game Plan Owner's Manual has a complete set of schematics for your machine.

Discover where to get your machine repaired
in our Game Plan Pinball Owner's Manual
A book written by Brady Miller, the founder of this site. This book includes a complete repair and diagnostic routines for your Game Plan pinball machine, plus many diagrams AND schematics for your Game Plan pinball circuit boards, PLUS a listing of where to get your circuit boards repaired! Click Here.