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While we don't actually sell parts for Game Plan machines, there are places that do. Believe it or not, parts are available for these machines. I've had plenty of companies tell me "oh, we can't get parts for those things." That's not entirely accurate.

There are places where you can get the parts you need. Keep in mind, specific parts, like plastics for a certain game, or things like that may be difficult to find. Collectors, or other Game Plan owners would be your only hope. But, rubber rings, solenoids, lamps, etc. are pretty common.

We have a listing of general purpose parts suppliers and pinball parts suppliers in our Game Plan pinball manual.

Discover where to buy parts in our Game Plan Owner's Manual
A book written by Brady Miller, the founder of this site. This book includes a complete repair and diagnostic routines for your Game Plan pinball machine, plus many diagrams and valuable information AND listings on where to buy parts for your Game Plan pinball machine! Click Here.