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October 25, 2021, 07:28:20 PM
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Author Topic: Sell pinball parts  (Read 13793 times)
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« on: September 04, 2013, 02:27:17 PM »

Popeye parts
Coindor board A-17051-9$
Popeye plastic boat A-18084-4$
Outhole A-16765-8$
Ball gate A-17796-8$
Upper-level drain A-17567-4$
Bluto plastic face-6$
Plastics set-20$
Upper playfield(including window and 2xred light plastic and deflector)-61$
Upper window-5$
Upper deflector A-17769-3$
Upper 2xred light plastic-3$
Ball popper A-17258-8$
Popper left A-17180-8$
Wheel full assembly(withouth the gearbox)-20$
Kicker coil A-17774-17$
Center lock A-18000-16$
Main ramp(Animals) full assembly A-17404-9$
Left Exit ramp-3$
Ramp(arch) A-17172-22$
Wire ramp center 12-7184-15$
Wire Feeder ramp A-17406-3$
Right ramp 12-71320-14$
Shooter ramp(to wheel) A-17405-3$

Black Rose parts
Back Throught Ramp A-14825-3$

Clown parts
3xClown drop targets+assembly-8$ or 4$ for 1
4 Bank drop targets+assembly-5$
3xPop bumpers+assembly-4$ for 1

All for 12$

Dr.Dude parts
PSU D-12246-14$
SOUND board D-11581-20$
Triac board-C-13892-3$
High current driver board C-13509-4$
Main Ramp D-13812-7$
Metal ramps-8$ for all
4-Bank drop targets assembly B-13520(inlcuding the targets,without the opto board)-14$
Gear D-13793-26$

Kings of steel parts
Lamp Driver Board(Replaces Bally part numbers AS-2518-14 and AS-2518-23)-28$
MPU Board AS-2518-35-78$
Aux Lamp driver AS-2518-43-12$
Bally Cheap Squeak Sound Board-65$
Bally 6 and 7-Digit Display Bracket-4$,14$ for 5 Brackets
Upper Feature Lite Board-2$
Bonus Lite Board-2$
Left flipper full assembly-4$
Right Flipper full assembly-4$
Upper left flipper full assembly+flipper bat-5$
Right slingshot full assembly-4$
Upper center pop up full assembly-4$
Drop targets full assembly(including coils for control)-5$
Shooter metal plate(BALLY sign)-2$

Road Kings parts
Sound Board D-11197-542-30$
Center Y plastic ramp-4$
Upper plastic ramp-8$
Loop shot assembly B-11130-3$
Drop target assembly-3$
All plastics-16$

Bride of pinbot parts
"Pinbot Values" playfield plastic-3$
Chase light assembly A-14007-25$
Loop and kicker assembly A-14319 and A-14323-26$
A-14359 "Heart" ramp assembly and A-14362 left ramp assembly-20$
WPC Motor Regulator board #A-13892-2-14$

Game Show parts
CPU board D-11833-148$
Power supply board D-12246-15$
Sound board D-11581-35$
Interconnect board D-12313-24$
Sound overlay lamp board C-13286-58$
Displays left and right including the boards-105$
Backside plastic ramp+Ramp center-38$
Metal ramp-6$
Bank drop target “CAR” assembly C-13312-5$
Bell assembly C-8461-11$
All plastics-15$

Xenon parts
MPU Board AS-2518-35-78$
Lamp Driver Board(Replaces Bally part numbers AS-2518-14 and AS-2518-23)-21$
Solenoid Driver Board(Replaces Bally part numbers AS-2518-16 and AS-2518-22)-53$
Rectifier Board AS-2518-54-20$
Bally 6 and 7-Digit Display Bracket-4$,15$ for 5 Brackets
All plastics-26$

Pinball Champ 82 parts
All plastics-24$
4-bank drop targets assembly-15$
3-bank drop targets assembly-14$
CHAMP bank drop targets assembly-24$
Left slingshot assembly-14$
Right slingshot assembly-14$
3x8 segment displays + boards+ribbon cables-32$ for one,88$ for all
1x pop bumpers assembly-15$

Jurassic Park(1993)
PSU 520-5047-02-93$
CPU 520-5003-03-210$
PPB 520-5021-00-83$
Diverter punger & crank arm assy 500-5661-00-33$
Ramp Diverter arm515-5781-00-21$
Dino collar 515-5804-00-12$
Gun assy-40$
Ramp plastic-53$

Williams/Bally transformers
6xSys 11a to Sys11c-90$ for 1

Dirty Harry parts
Flipptronic 2 Board A-15472-40$
Coin Door Board A-17051-14$
All plastics(including return lines)-42$
Plastic house right-8$
Plastic house left-8$
Ramp-wire popper 12-7237-4$
Diverter left full assembly A-19746-15$
Flipper opto A-17051-14$
Through LED A-18617-14$
Through IRED A-18618-14$
Eject full assembly A-20024-23$
Ball popper full assembly A-18791-14$
Ball popper full assembly A-19543-10$
Ball popper full assembly A-19119-10$
Gun Motor mount A-18581-34$
Gun full assembly(including-motor,handle,motor mount,etc)-77$

If someone wants something individual from other parts just ask

Delivery information

International and Europe
-Begins from 10$ depending in the country

I work with PayPal:

I can reduce the price for multiply items
Everything will be packed very well and safety
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