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Title: Connectors, connectors, connectors!!!!!!!!!!!
Post by: BriMc on October 15, 2011, 10:43:36 AM
A couple of weeks ago I started setting up my Super nova. After getting the MPU set up and running I was getting all sorts of funky problems from display issues, sound issues, solenoid issues, lamp issues. I took the connectors apart when I first set the machine up and did the usual small stone to clean the female connectors and dremmel wire brush to the male pins. After the cleaning I rinse out the connectors with alcohol and add a small amount of lube to the female pins. So I start the machine up and start with all the above issues. I figered I cleaned the connectors well so that is not the issue, Wrong!!!!!! After replacing all he driver boards, mpu, and even the sound board things would change but not get better. I even spent hours replacing lamps and tracing wires etc, etc. With the machine on I went to push a connector on the ldu and I noticed lamps that were out were now on. I had hit the wiring harnesses where the head meets the body. I ended up rebuilding all the connectors between the head and body and now no problems and the game plays flawless. The wires where the pins are crimped onto them had become fatigued and some had actually broke and were held together by the sheathing.